Ruffled Wedding Cakes, Ombre Wedding Cakes, Ivory Wedding Cakes
“Florida’s famed Pastry Studio has created their own unique take on the fondant frill design with gentle ruffles layers creating an almost peeling effect for a beautiful antique look, in ivory and pearl palettes below.”-Cake Geek Magazine

Photography by: Sherri Meyers

  1. I’ve never seen a cake ruffled like a dress like this. It looks really effective and amazing – wondering how you managed to get that effect!

  2. Hi, I’m a bride getting married in the uk and would love my cake maker to recreate this, would you be happy with that?


    • Sure. Wishing you the best today and always.-Sherri

  3. Tania James

    What type of flowers are those? This is such a beautiful cake!

  4. Marta Miranda

    I love this cake would love to have it for my wedding, we live and are getting married in Louisville, KY but my family who are coming up for wedding live in Miami is transporting a possibility ? Thanks Marta

    • Marta- We can definitely make this design for your wedding, which can be transported. It must be a fake cake. We create show-piece faux cakes often for weddings that are not in our local area. Call me at the studio to discuss pricing and final details. -Sherri Meyers 386-255-6404

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