1. Dawn Pompeo

    I think your pastries are absolutely stunning. I enjoy getting your emails just so I can drool over the beautiful, edible creations. :-)Unfortunately I haven’t the pleasure of trying them yet but certainly hope to soon. I was thinking what a fabulous end of the year treat for my third graders your cupcakes would be!!!! 🙂

  2. Nancy Cortez

    I have had the pleasure of trying Sherri’s treats and they are wonderful~especially the red velvet cupcakes! Tyler’s favs!

  3. Raquel White

    How wonderful creations! The cake you made for my husband’s 40th birthday in the shape of an Ipod was incredible and delicious. I couldn’t thank you enough for making that day so special.
    Looking forward to my next cake!

  4. I love the pics on your constant contact email. I love the cupcakes and just looking at them makes me feel like a kid on a summer day, waiting for my Mom to pour the lemonaide as my sisters and brothers wait patiently for our treats.

  5. Your pics are beautiful, the cupcakes brings me back to childhood memories waiting for the cupcakes from my Mother when she used to treat us to lemonaide and cupcakes. My siblings and I all looked forward to those special treats.

  6. Tanya Stiffler

    The purse cake for my mother-in-law blew her away! In fact, I thought there was going to be a riot on my hands when we were serving it up, most everyone had two slices because it was “the best cake I’ve ever had. From the 5 year old to the 60-something’s, they loved it! (I still have the handle because there was such a battle over who got to take it home). I will have pics to you shortly. Thanks again, and I can’t wait until my birthday – the cat is already out of the bag they are calling you for the cake!

    • admin

      Tanya,I am so glad it was a hit. Thanks for letting us know.-sherri

  7. Gorgeous cake – gorgeous shot. I’m going to make up an event just so I can order a cake for myself! hmmm… 25th anniversary is Sept. maybe that will be it!

  8. Raquel White

    I love all of your wonderful creations! you’re truly an artist. Looking forward to my next cake. My husband couldn’t be happier with his Ipod cake for his 40th B-day. I’m getting ideas already for my next cake! I loved meeting you and congrats to you and your staff! 🙂

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