1. Nancy nolen

    Where did you get the decorative balls. They look like bubbles. It is so awesome!

    • We make them out of fondant and dust them with edible powders.-Thilled you like our design.

  2. Pam Baril

    can these “pearls” in color shown be purchased ?

  3. Denise

    Could you tell me where to get the decorative baLLS on the cake?

  4. Virginia

    hi I would like to know what size of cake pans I need for make this cake, and if I can make white chocolate pearls.
    It is a elegant and beautiful cake, I love it.

    • We made this cake with a 6-8-12. The pearls are made out of fondant using different shades of ivory and gold. They are dusted with edible shimmer powder. I wish you great success while making this special cake, let me know if yo have any other questions.-Sherri

  5. Libby

    Were these 6 or 8″ tall tiers? Seems like they might be several layers.

    • Sherri Meyers

      Close to 6 yes.

  6. Meg

    This is beaitiful! How sis b you attach the balls to the fondant?

    • Sherri Meyers

      I attach them with royal icing.


    This is the most glamorous wedding cake I have seen in a long time! Thank you too, for sharing how you have done the balls – very informative!! Well done once again 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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