Last year we made this great cake for a very cool Sweet 16 Birthday girl. We were  just asked to do her 17th.
This cake has been seen all over the web and pinned many times on Pinterest.
I do not have it on my page so, I wanted to get it in our gallery.
We hope everyone still loves it one year after it’s original design.
I am excited to custom design a new one this year for Kendall. 

  1. Chrissy

    Can I ask how your got such uniform circles? Freehand?

    • Sherri Meyers

      You cut them out, do not move them so they can dry and harden with out handling them. Cut a circle then a circle within the circle. Remove the center.
      -Hoping this helps.
      Fondly, Sherri

  2. Mona Pedoeim

    Thank you for sharing how you made the circles! May I ask a follow up question?
    If you are allowing the circles to dry first, how do they still curve to cake?

    • Sherri Meyers

      You can not let them get too hard so they will still mold to the cake.

  3. Angela Smith

    Hi there,
    I had one question. I have seen this cake many times on Pinterest and I thought the base layer of fondant was white. But looking at it on this site, it looks like a pale blue. Can you tell me what color it is really?

    • Sherri Meyers

      Yes- soft blue, no white on this cake at all. Happy creating. xoxo Sherri

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